Lighting Applications for your Medical Device

Tactile Dome Switch | Membrane Switch | Cap Touch | Halo Ring and Indicators | Graphic Overlays

Tactile Dome Switch

Thin, uniform light panels with isolated color zones can be easily integrated with mechanical components, and spacer to assist in assembly & switch function. Low cost/battery powered solutions are a specialty.

Membrane Switch

Lumvatech light panels maintain tactile feedback while providing illumination over a large area with a minimum of LEDs. Patented Molded-In Gasketing (MIG) enables multiple isolated lighting zones in a single lightguide.

Cap Touch

Bright & uniform lighting with functional and aesthetic options for color change and isolated zones. Lumvatech lighting solutions are designed for easy integration into your cap touch assembly. Dead front overlays are a specialty. We can also assist with electronic support to ensure proper/accurate communication with the host software.

Halo Ring and Indicators

Create an illuminated “halo effect” around buttons and connectors. A single light panel with integrated color change provides the user with a clear status indication.

Graphic Overlay

Thin, crisp and uniform lighting solutions are designed for easy integration and functionality. Experienced Lumvatech engineers will make design recommendations with your specific requirements in-mind. Color change within the overlay, or with LEDs can create a dramatic visual effect.