LED Lighting for Consumer Applications

Smart Home Devices | Keyboards & Keypads | Handheld (Battery) Devices Gaming | Human Machine Interface (HMI) | Controls | Wearables

Smart Home Devices

Efficient and uniform lighting solutions enhances both visual cue and operation feedback to the user, while improving overall look of IoT devices. Aesthetic product designs benefit from our customized optical tuning capability.

Keyboards & Keypads

A myriad of switch technologies can be backlit including cap touch, membrane, tactile dome, keypads, and mechanical switches. Color changing and isolated icon lighting provides visual verification of the selection and switch operation while improving overall user experience.

Handheld (Battery) Devices

Higher efficiency backlighting provides opportunities to use fewer LEDs with lower power budget and longer life. Ease of assembly options offer cost saving opportunities with fewer components allowing for simpler, faster installation. Lumvatech engineers can assist with the lighting integration between finished overlay/display and electronics to ensure thin/efficient designs, proper operation, and lower total solution cost.


Increasing device functionality by using illuminated buttons, indicators, and graphics via isolated lighting zones, which are easily incorporated allowing individual character feedback and color change. Targeted lighting areas are optically tuned to optimize uniformity using fewer LEDs and smaller overall space claim. Our custom lighting technology is thin, rugged, and enables designers to improve both performance, and visual appearance.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Designed for the specific application, Lumvatech light panels are customized to your optical, mechanical, and electronic requirements. Smooth lighting over multiple output areas can be illuminated together or individually isolated/activated, using our using our patented embedded gasketing within a single, thin drop-in assembly. Direct engineering design and manufacturing support ensures optimized lighting performance to simplify, and provide cost-improvement opportunities.


Backlighting with custom edge-lit technology offers advantages for the overall application system. Utilizing our proprietary optical and manufacturing techniques yields both improved visual and functional solutions. Lumvatech design support offers experienced optical expertise shortening the development process, helping to avoid design pitfalls.


Thin, rugged, uniform, and bright LED backlighting, with a wide range of assembly options. Ultra-thin packaging allows for smaller space claim within the final assembly for sleek applications. Targeted imaging areas efficiently extract light, often with a single LED, maximizing brightness and saving power.