LED Lighting for Automotive Applications

Decorative Graphics | Sill Plate | Instrument Panel/HVAC/Gauge Overhead/Center Console | PRNDL | Trim/Seat | Logos & Badging

Decorative Graphics

Decorative applications for Illumination of branding, badges, images, and graphics. A wide variety of diffused substrates can benefit greatly from our edge lit technology. Optically engineered designs drive crisp, even illumination over larger areas in a thinner overall package.

Sill Plate

Thin, bright backlighting of door sill, cargo area logos, or other illuminated images in vehicles. The use of LEDs integrated with custom, low profile light panels reduce the mechanical and environmental challenges of traditional lighting. Simplified assembly and reduced part count, including fewer LEDs and a thinner/smaller electronic footprint, provide off-set cost savings opportunities.

Instrument Panel /HVAC / Gauge

Interior controls such as instrument panels, HVAC controls, gauges, and other push button, rotary, slide switch or capacitive touch user interface can present unique lighting challenges for space, power and harmony. The use of thin and efficient LED light panels minimizes mechanical interference and stack-up tolerances. Designs include reduced LED count and uniform/harmonized “look” of multi-zone graphics — all within an incredibly sleek profile.

Overhead/Center Console

Overhead & Center consoles typically require numerous lighting functions on a single, large assembly platform. With different target specifications such as a high bright map lights vs. low light warning indicators, our technology provides solutions that meet a variety of light requirements. Multiple isolated and functional lighting zones within a single light panel deliver crisp lighting, while allowing for ultra-thin packaging.


Thin, uniform lighting in a simplified assembly. Backlighting directly under the indication area, positions the lighting and electronics away from the mechanical elements of the selector, simplifying the lighting assembly and reduced part count. Imbedded gasketing options for indicators, zone isolation, and color change are available as well.

Trim / Seat

Backlight chrome, color trim, outline a bolster, or illuminate perforated materials. LEDs incorporated with thin light panels can backlight any translucent material. Thin and flexible optical panels allow electronic elements to be positioned outside of the viewing areas while, efficiently moving light where desired. The result is a smooth even lighting from a distributed light source that is package and assembly friendly.

Logos & Badging

Enhance branding and product recognition through bright, uniform, and cost-effective illumination. Highly flexible configurations which can inspire unique and stunning logo designs. Colors can be changed, and icons selectively illuminated to enable simple animation and user functionality without sacrificing high performing aesthetics. Make your image shine!