Design Guidelines: Ultra-Thin LED Light Panels

Overview Ultra-thin planar light panels from Lumvatech are custom-designed to maximize the illumination requirements of our customers’ application. There are many factors to consider when designing a light panel, and potential trade-offs to discuss. The following guidelines will help ensure a successful application with bright and consistent LED backlighting. LED Selection Choosing an LED type […]

Is My Mechanical Stack Up Important For Illuminated HMI And Display

The Problem A Human to Machine Interface may seem simple. This is because it is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand as a touch interface or display indicator. Underneath the front graphic/facia lies unique and important layers that all contribute form and functionality towards the overall mechanical assembly. So why are these […]

How does LED Half Angle affect my backlight?

The Problem LEDs emit light in an angular pattern as measured from the centerline of the LED. A lack of understanding of these LED Half Angles can make Backlight Panel design extremely difficult and unnecessarily costly. It is also critical to understand Half Angles in Backlighting Panels will respond differently than the Half Angles reported […]

How Do I Cost Reduce My Backlighting

The Problem Even though an engineering team may not be proficient in backlighting design, often they are confident performance and cost targets can be met with an internal solution, therefore, decide on an in-house approach for their illumination needs. After some time, however, the team can discover the reality of under performing results using traditional […]

How Can I Tell If My HMI Backlighting Is Bright Enough

The Problem “How bright should the product be… As bright as possible.” This is not a specification and can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.  Many designers and engineers start the design for their HMI / UI, keypad, or display without knowing how bright the product needs to be. Often the prototypes look great and designers and management are happy, but the product has performance issues in the field. These poor […]

New HMI When Do I Start The Backlighting Design

The Problem Backlighting design can sometimes be like fitting a square peg in a round hole. If the backlighting is an afterthought of the HMI, meeting the design criteria can be difficult and costly. But it can be an easy process and often keep the solution cost low while still meeting or exceeding the design […]

How Do I Select an Led for My Backlighting

The Problem Is choosing the lowest cost or brightest LED the best way to select an LED for my backlighting application? The wrong choice can cause higher cost, difficult design challenges, low light, or inconsistent performance. Other appearance problems, such as using the wrong size LED can cause witness lines on the facia/graphic and poor […]

How Do I Get Clean Isolated Backlighting For My HMI

The Problem HMI backlighting zone isolation has limitations when it comes to the desired look, functionality, manufacturability, quality, and cost. Poor light isolation can cause unwanted light bleed between zones and an undesirable experience for the user such as low light intensity and non-uniformity. Illuminating an entire HMI surface simultaneously is not a desired look […]

Is Backlighting Production Design Different Than Small Volume Design

The Problem There are many similarities between Backlighting Production Design and Small Volume Design. Production design and small volume design both have their limitations. Without a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, it can lead to many problems including delayed lead times and non-desirable parts produced. An early consideration of HMI Backlighting design may […]

What’s the Difference Between Luminance, Illuminance and Brightness

The Problem A Luminance, illuminance, and brightness are terms that are often used interchangeably. This leads to confusion when defining the light output of LED-based thin  backlight panels and perceived brightness.   A few problems can arise if lighting is not quantified properly: -Over or under-performing luminance -Unnecessary engineering and labor costs -Prolonged lead times […]