Lighting Applications

Human Machine Interface (HMI) | Keypads, Switches, Selectors Capacitive Touch | Connectors | LCD Backlighting

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Efficient and uniform lighting provides visual cue and operation feedback. Dead-front overlays, and isolated lighting zones are easily incorporated allowing individual character feedback and color change. Lighting assemblies are designed for easy installation, are rugged, cleanable, and visually appealing.

Keypad, Switches, Selectors

Multiple switch technologies can be backlit including cap touch, membrane, tactile dome, keypads, and mechanical switches. Alternate color and/or isolated icon lighting provides visual verification of the selection and switch operation.

Capacitive Touch

Thin and uniform lightguides are designed for performance and easy integration and assembly. Lumvatech engineers can assist with the interface between lighting & customer electronics to ensure efficient designs, proper operation and lower total solution cost. Patented Molded-In Gasketing (MIG) allows for isolation of multiple zones for independent operation and color change.


Backlight connector or input locations. Lumvatech technology is flexible in shape, color, and design, which can allow for active color change in a variety of applications to visually validate proper or improper connection.

LCD Backlighting

Thin, uniform, and bright LED backlighting for LCD displays, with a wide-range of assembly options (films, colors, wires, connectors, etc.). Custom light panels are edge-lit, with LEDs generally located on one or two sides, and are tuned for individual customer/project requirements.