Backlighting Applications for Appliance and Devices

Human Machine User Interface | Keypad, Switches, Selectors | Logo Lighting | Connector Selection | LCD Backlighting

Human Machine User Interface

Backlight user interfaces for any type of device including appliances, medical, industrial, aerospace, and consumer goods. Multiple switch technologies can be used including cap touch, membrane, tactile dome, and mechanical switches. The lighting provides visual cue and operation feedback in packages that are rugged, cleanable, weatherproof, and visually appealing.

Keypads, Switches, Selectors

Backlight any keypad, single key switches, UP/DOWN, ON/OFF, or SELECT/RESET switch.
Any switch technology can be lit. Alternate color or icon lighting provides visual verification of
the selection and switch operation.

Logo Lighting

Logos are lit to highlight a brand or product. The colors and icons can be changed to provide a
different look for each country and market. The alternate lighting shows good/better/best or
international brands to the user.

Connector Selection

Backlight connector or input locations. The color or lit area changes to visually validate proper
connection. The result of the test or input is displayed. The end of the test or procedure and
result can be shown.

LCD Backlighting

Backlight transflective or daylight gray LCDs. LCD displays are lit or colored for visibility in all ambient light conditions.