Ultra Thin Light Panels

Custom LED Backlighting For Your Product

Lumvatech designs and manufactures thin light panels in the USA for LED back lighting User Interfaces and Displays. Cost effective volume manufacturing, low cost of entry and rapid prototyping enable projects from thousands to millions of units per year.

Appliance and Devices

Uniform and thin back lighting panels enable clean visual feedback and easy cap touch integration. 



Thin back lighting panels drive lower solution cost, high durability and easy assembly for automotive illumination. 



LED back lighting adds attention grabbing pop with light and motion to in-store advertising and POP displays. 


Thin uniform back lighting for white goods
Clean and isolated visual feedback
Cost effect manufacturing and easy assembly

Smooth clean lighting for interior automotive
High durability and long life expectancy
Drives lower overall solution cost

Custom LED back lighting for in-store advertising
Attention grabbing pop with select lighting and motion
Rapid time to market and cost effective production

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